cuprinol shed and fence preserverBe nice to your shed – and your shed will be nice to you

You can do more with garden sheds than just put things into them. You can use them as a refuge from the house, as a quiet retreat when you just need a little time to yourself. You can achieve years of pleasure from your garden shed. However, you need to maintain them to keep them in tip top shape. If you treat it and maintain it diligently it should last you for years and years.

Wooden garden sheds may be supplied treated or untreated. If it is completely untreated, it is advisable that you apply a wood protection product to it soon after it has been erected. Pay special attention to corners and any slots in the wood – in fact anywhere where moisture is likely to collect. Cuprinol shed and fence preserver (see right) provides a great treatment for the preservation of the timber in sheds and fences.

Make sure that the treatment that you choose is appropriate for the wood used in your shed, and ensure that you have selected a colour that will fit in well with the rest of your garden.


Gaps in the wood

Wood will change over time due to the weather. E.g. when the weather is dry, the timber itself can dry out and small gaps may appear between the planks. However, when the dry weather comes to an end and normal humidity is restore, these gaps normally disappear. It is adviseable, however, not to install anything in your shed that prevents the natural flexion and expansion of the wood – holding the shed artificially rigid can cause unecessary cracking of the timber planks or logs.

The Roof

A shed roof is normally made of felt tiles. Obviously, a shed with a pitched roof is less likely to leak than a shed with a flat roof, as with flat roofs pooling can occur when it rains.

Doors and Windows

The wood used to construct the doors and windows will expand and contract with changes in the weather, such as temparature, heat and humidity. In order to try and stop any warping of the wood or related problems, it is adviseable to ensure that all the windows, doors and vents are treated with suitable wood preservation products. It may also be necessary to adjust the fittings of the shed from time to time to ensure a perfect fit.